Frequently Asked Questions

How are the stages zoned?
Stage 1 - Lots 1-39 - Low Density Residential
Stage 2 - Lots 41-45 - Rural Residential
Stage 3 - Lots 57-103 - Low Density Residential
Stage 5 & 6 - Lots 109-135 - Low Density Residential

When will Titles be available?
Titles have either been issued or available to be issued when requested by Willowridge

What services are available to the Lots?
All Lots are serviced with town water, electricity, town sewerage and phone. Stages 1 and 3 have reticulated gas available and Stage 3 has fibre optic capability.

What is reticulated gas?
Reticulated gas is an uninterrupted gas supply through underground pipes that all sites in Stages 1 and 3 have access to.

Who is responsible for fencing?
The Purchaser is responsible. The Vendor will not be required to assist the Purchaser with fencing of the property.

Am I allowed to erect a relocated home?
No second hand or relocated homes shall be placed on any Lot at West Meadows.

What is the maximum height of plantings in Stage 3?
Trees, shrubs and other plants shall not protrude beyond a graduated plane drawn at 2.5 metres in height from the legal boundaries of the Lot to the ridgeline of the dwelling constructed on the Lot. No trees, shrubs or other plants shall exceed a maximum height of 6 metres.  “Height” is to be measured from the original ground level of the Lot at the issue of title for that Lot.

What are the building height restrictions?
The developer has applied building height restrictions to some Lots for the purpose of ensuring that Lots are not shaded and retain views. This restriction stipulates that the home shall be single level and not exceed 5.5m in height. A list of the Lots that have this restriction is available from Willowridge Developments.

What does SBL mean?
SLB = Set Building Location. Specific Lots in Stage 3 (58, 59, 60, 79, 80, 81 and 82) have a Set Building Location and will need to be approved by Willowridge Developments. Set Building Locations have been put in place so that adjoining Lots can make the most of their views.

What are the site setbacks?
Setbacks will be different depending on the position of the Lot. Custom setbacks have been put in place on some Lots in Stage 3 so that views are un-interrupted on adjoining Lots. If you are interested in a particular section and would like to know the setbacks please contact Willowridge Developments on 03 443 6905.

Are there any design guidelines in place?
The only design guideline Willowridge Developments have put in place is that all driveway entrances (over council berms) must be constructed in cobblestones to match West Meadows footpaths and be no more than 6m wide. Your design will need to comply with the Queenstown Lakes District Plan.

Do I need approval to build?
You will need to submit a building consent application to the Queenstown Lakes District Council for approval. This would include: site plan including floor plans, elevations, proposed colours and exterior finishes, landscaping and vehicular access points. Your design will need to comply with the Queenstown Lakes District Plan before approved to commence with your build. You are not required to obtain approval from Willowridge Developments Ltd.

What are the entrances to West Meadows?
Access is via Cardrona Valley Road to West Meadows Drive or via Stone Street to Niger Street, Wanaka.

How do I purchase a section?
Phone Willowridge Developments on 03 443 6905 and they will talk you through the process, or contact your local Wanaka real estate agent.

Who is Willowridge Developments Ltd?
Willowridge Developments is a property development company founded by Allan and Elizabeth Dippie in 1993, which specialises in master-planned residential and commercial properties in the lower South Island region including Lake Wanaka, Lake Hawea, Clyde, Central Otago and Mosgiel.

The company continues to work closely with local councils in order to undertake developments that both meet the needs of the local community and environment. Because of this approach and because Willowridge has made a long term commitment to the region, Willowridge continues to grow in statute as one of Central Otago’s prominent property development companies. Visit for more information or follow us: